The Bitterness in Lemon

I only hate lemons when being added sliced into the iced tea. The inevitable bitterness drives me nuts however mere squeezed juice is not the best option for a recipe, sometimes. It appealed in two recipes as essential ingredient in the past week – Hong Kong Lemon Iced Tea and Sour Spicy Chicken Feet. I know, I know, chicken feet right? Sounds not very acceptable. But I love them. I missed this spicy snack that I grew up with. While I’m stuck in the city during the pandemic, I decided to write down my cooking journey and try some interesting recipes.

Lemon, is the first difficulty that I encountered.

So we all know that the bitterness is from the peel, pith and seeds. My favorite Korean baking YouTuber usually rub lemon peel with salt before she uses it. It seems unrealistic to rub it every time not to mention cut the pith since I’m a careless impatient cook.

Hence, I decided to roll with it and pick them out after a few hours. And I did.

It turned out the lemon iced tea is still bitter. Maybe they still stayed too long in the water along with tea and apple. We all learn from doing so I will keep updated.

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