Mochi Stuffed Pancakes

I’ve been trying to find new baking recipes to enlighten my quarantine life. Because I’m a visual learner, which means I have hard time reading, I chooese video recipes over text ones.

I found this Mochi Stuffed Pancake on a YouTube Channel, Amanda Tastes and tried it yeasterday. It turned out pretty well actually. At first, mix glutinour rice flour, cassava starch, sugar, milk and butter together. Put in Microwave, 90 seconds for twice. Then throw it in the fridge. But be careful, mochi is super sticky, especially when they are warm.

There are two different fillings — salty one with tuna, cheese and mochi; sweet one with red bean paste. I fried some red bean paste last week for mooncake so skipped this step. It could be uneasy to form the red bean paste into a ball when it’s dehydrated and been chilled in fridge for long, but hey, I nailed it 😛

Let the dough rise for 15 mins then put them on a non-stick pan withtout oil. 5 mins on each side. Add some water to steam after flip one side, cover.

Taste good when hot.

You can even stratch the mochi, kinda cute.

For more details, here are the video. Enjoy~

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