Cherry Chocolate Cake Box

Layer box cake has been trending for over 3 years. The concept is pretty simple- one bite with rich texture generated by mutiple layers. For most box cakes, it contains at least one combo of cake, cream and nuts/fruits. My big plan was to make Janpanese Soybean Milk Cake Box, but I couln’t find soy flour, even after I searched so hard at Trader Joe’s, Shaw’s, Whole Foods and Costco… Anyways, I will make my own soy flour this week, forget about grocery stores!

I recently moved to a new apartment, the oven of which is really a pain in the ass. Becasue it’s old and cheap, the tempreture cannot maintain the setting, but keep going up. Not to mention you need to open the door and the spotlight on your phone to check the temp. However, nothing is easy right? I don’t think good things happen too smoothly. Hehe. With all the optimism, I screwed the cake. Not due to the oven, but the pan I choose.

The cake mix is supposed to be around 0.5 inch thick. The volumn of the cake mix from the recipe does not match the gaint pan I own. Not surprisingly, the edge of the cake layer is as hard as chocolate cookies. I saved the center and cut them into 4 sqaured pieces. I put one layer of cake, one layer of cream mix (whipped cream and cream cheese), chopped cherry, then repeat, but decorate the top layer with half cherry.

It looks good. I’m happy. Next time, I will use a different pan. ;p

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