Feel some summer vibe during quarantine. The battle will never end until we have a successful vaccine. I can feel the tiredness everywhere. The Trader Joe’s next to my place even started allowing people to use reusable bags again while the cases are climbing up rapidly…

How about us making some refresh drink and enjoy some summer breeze on your porch or roof? Dance with what you have instead of crying. Forget about the sinking world for a second.

We pick up veggies and fruits from local farms weekly. But my husband and I are so bad at “eating healthily”. There is always a little hill of fruits and greens on our counter. Today, I decided to clean them up a little bit by making this juicy peach iced tea which I found on PickUpLimes. Super easy! Peach is in season. Grab some and enjoy this sweet and sour drink.

The original recipe requires white tea but I don’t have any at home. I subed with green tea. 6 peaches, 1/3 cup maple syrup, 1 cup water, 10 thymes. High heat to boil and lower the temperature to simmer for 20 mins. Let it cool down, sieve. I used the fruit meat to make a blueberry smoothie today. It’s sitting in our fridge now for upcoming smoothies.

4 bags of green tea/white tea. Pour in boiling water. Squeeze 3 lemon for juice when the tea is cool down.

Serve with ice, peach, and thyme. Also, a good mood~

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