Oh, it’s CAT!

Hi, food lovers! This site hasn’t been updated for a hot while.

Basically I’ve been busy with baking, washing dishes, washing dishes, washing dishes… I know, I’m cursed without dishwasher. Also, we are in the transition of life, a lot of tools are missed in the kitchen. But, None of these matters when you are dedicated and interested enough to food.

I love cat. Unfortunately, the apartments we’ve lived in never allow pets. Life put me in nowhere but in making cat accessary.

These cuties were first published by my favourite YouTube Channel CookingTree. I followed a fair amount of recipes from her. I tried the cat cookie one for 3 times. To be honest with you guys, the first attemption was a totally disaster…

The dough was too soft to stand by itself in the freezer. The face was not evenly round. The worst outcome was of course the icing. You can see from my picture, the eye white was very liquid.

I used toothpick to draw the beard at the second time and mixed the egg white longer, less black food coloring, which could help increase the moisture.

Haha, my cats have characters, look at the left ones on upper tray!

For the taste, they are very milky and rich due to the almond flour. Ears are chocolaty. I love it!

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