Mid-Autumn Festival is at the corner. It’s a traditional festival when families get together worshiping the fullest and brightess moon in a year.

This is the first time to make mooncakes by myself. I guess it’s because these cute pastries were too easy to get when I was in China, while those are expensive in U.S. A good salty egg york one could cost $6-$10 USD. So why don’t I make them myself?

The most traditional mooncake is filled with 5 different nuts. To be honest, I hate them! They are dry and hard. Most of the people in my generation also hate them. That’s why there are fancy/updated version right now. I made iced-skin mooncake which does not require baking and also trandiontal baked ones with various flavors.

You can find the paste at any Asian/Chinese supermarket. I tried to make my own green bean and red bean paste but they are too dry to be suitble for mooncake. If you are making your own filling, don’t hestitate to add more converted syrup or suger.

The preparation can be traced back to the beginning of August. I bought a dozen of duck eggs which are required in mooncake due to the oily rich flavor. You need to cut them in half or quarter to fit in a 50g mooncake. I have a 50 gram mode so I cut the egg yolk in quarter. Not just because of their sizes, also becuase I let them sat in the salty water for too long. To balance the salty taste, I decided to decrease the portion of salty egg yolk and add more sweat paste. Actually, it turned out pretty good.

I usually boil the eggs and let me cool down. Then peel off the egg white. You can also find the cooked egg york at supermarket. Soak the ones you bought in the oil for 5-8 hrs, spray with Chinese rice wine, or any voteka you have. Bake in the oven for 6 mins, and you are ready to go. If you are making your own salty egg, you can find the delicious oil right after you cut them half.

I have five flavors here: taro, red bean, black sesame (my fav), green bean, rose red bean.

Mooncake dough is made from oil, rice flour, invert sugar syrup, lye water, and salt. Put 35 gram filling into 15 gram dough, roll into balls and press with mode. Bake for 15 mins, put them into container for at least two days for oil to come back to the surface then serve.

For Ice Mooncake, dough and fillings are 50/50- 25 gram dough and 25 gram of fillings. Same procedure without baking. Serve right away. Ice mooncake dough is make from rice flour and wheat flour, steamed to cook. Very chewy and chill texture. That also means, they will crack the next day and dry out. So eat them within a day.

Mid-Autumn Festival is all about family reunion. Hope I can go home soon, and make some for my parents.

Happy festivel everyone!

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