Mid-Autumn Festival is at the corner. It’s a traditional festival when families get together worshiping the fullest and brightess moon in a year. This is the first time to make mooncakes by myself. I guess it’s because these cute pastries were too easy to get when I was in China, while those are expensive inContinue reading “MOONCAKE! MOONCAKE!”


Feel some summer vibe during quarantine. The battle will never end until we have a successful vaccine. I can feel the tiredness everywhere. The Trader Joe’s next to my place even started allowing people to use reusable bags again while the cases are climbing up rapidly… How about us making some refresh drink and enjoyContinue reading “Juicy Juicy PEACH ICED TEA”

Oh, it’s CAT!

Hi, food lovers! This site hasn’t been updated for a hot while. Basically I’ve been busy with baking, washing dishes, washing dishes, washing dishes… I know, I’m cursed without dishwasher. Also, we are in the transition of life, a lot of tools are missed in the kitchen. But, None of these matters when you areContinue reading “Oh, it’s CAT!”

Cream Towel | Rolled Crepe

We call this thing Towel Roll because of its shape. The trending pastry has won over young people for years, and has various fillings. I made the basic chocolate version even without Oreo, which is considered as a basic flavor nowadays to go with coco, just to practice. The Crepe The crepe is the firstContinue reading “Cream Towel | Rolled Crepe”

Cherry Chocolate Cake Box

Layer box cake has been trending for over 3 years. The concept is pretty simple- one bite with rich texture generated by mutiple layers. For most box cakes, it contains at least one combo of cake, cream and nuts/fruits. My big plan was to make Janpanese Soybean Milk Cake Box, but I couln’t find soyContinue reading “Cherry Chocolate Cake Box”

Mochi Stuffed Pancakes

I’ve been trying to find new baking recipes to enlighten my quarantine life. Because I’m a visual learner, which means I have hard time reading, I chooese video recipes over text ones. I found this Mochi Stuffed Pancake on a YouTube Channel, Amanda Tastes and tried it yeasterday. It turned out pretty well actually. AtContinue reading “Mochi Stuffed Pancakes”

The Bitterness in Lemon

I only hate lemons when being added sliced into the iced tea. The inevitable bitterness drives me nuts however mere squeezed juice is not the best option for a recipe, sometimes. It appealed in two recipes as essential ingredient in the past week – Hong Kong Lemon Iced Tea and Sour Spicy Chicken Feet. IContinue reading “The Bitterness in Lemon”