Burger Bun

I’m obsessed with bread recently.

The sourdough bread we got from the nearest farmer’s market is pretty disappointing, even tho the store is featured in a famous local channel. Maybe I set my expectation too high.

While waiting for my sourdough starter to rise, I found this cutie on a YouTube Channel. The owner likes to zoom in his butt and LOVES B-roll. Yeah, you know whom I’m talking about. Anyway, his bread recipes are amazing. Find the instruction here: How To Make The Best Burger Buns Of All Time

I find it very satisfying to make bread dough. The surface is sooooo smooth and cute. Not to mention the golden color after baked. I subed the whole milk with 1%. It’s still chewy and thick.

My husband made the burger at dinner. It turned out pretty good!


Mid-Autumn Festival is at the corner. It’s a traditional festival when families get together worshiping the fullest and brightess moon in a year.

This is the first time to make mooncakes by myself. I guess it’s because these cute pastries were too easy to get when I was in China, while those are expensive in U.S. A good salty egg york one could cost $6-$10 USD. So why don’t I make them myself?

The most traditional mooncake is filled with 5 different nuts. To be honest, I hate them! They are dry and hard. Most of the people in my generation also hate them. That’s why there are fancy/updated version right now. I made iced-skin mooncake which does not require baking and also trandiontal baked ones with various flavors.

You can find the paste at any Asian/Chinese supermarket. I tried to make my own green bean and red bean paste but they are too dry to be suitble for mooncake. If you are making your own filling, don’t hestitate to add more converted syrup or suger.

The preparation can be traced back to the beginning of August. I bought a dozen of duck eggs which are required in mooncake due to the oily rich flavor. You need to cut them in half or quarter to fit in a 50g mooncake. I have a 50 gram mode so I cut the egg yolk in quarter. Not just because of their sizes, also becuase I let them sat in the salty water for too long. To balance the salty taste, I decided to decrease the portion of salty egg yolk and add more sweat paste. Actually, it turned out pretty good.

I usually boil the eggs and let me cool down. Then peel off the egg white. You can also find the cooked egg york at supermarket. Soak the ones you bought in the oil for 5-8 hrs, spray with Chinese rice wine, or any voteka you have. Bake in the oven for 6 mins, and you are ready to go. If you are making your own salty egg, you can find the delicious oil right after you cut them half.

I have five flavors here: taro, red bean, black sesame (my fav), green bean, rose red bean.

Mooncake dough is made from oil, rice flour, invert sugar syrup, lye water, and salt. Put 35 gram filling into 15 gram dough, roll into balls and press with mode. Bake for 15 mins, put them into container for at least two days for oil to come back to the surface then serve.

For Ice Mooncake, dough and fillings are 50/50- 25 gram dough and 25 gram of fillings. Same procedure without baking. Serve right away. Ice mooncake dough is make from rice flour and wheat flour, steamed to cook. Very chewy and chill texture. That also means, they will crack the next day and dry out. So eat them within a day.

Mid-Autumn Festival is all about family reunion. Hope I can go home soon, and make some for my parents.

Happy festivel everyone!


Feel some summer vibe during quarantine. The battle will never end until we have a successful vaccine. I can feel the tiredness everywhere. The Trader Joe’s next to my place even started allowing people to use reusable bags again while the cases are climbing up rapidly…

How about us making some refresh drink and enjoy some summer breeze on your porch or roof? Dance with what you have instead of crying. Forget about the sinking world for a second.

We pick up veggies and fruits from local farms weekly. But my husband and I are so bad at “eating healthily”. There is always a little hill of fruits and greens on our counter. Today, I decided to clean them up a little bit by making this juicy peach iced tea which I found on PickUpLimes. Super easy! Peach is in season. Grab some and enjoy this sweet and sour drink.

The original recipe requires white tea but I don’t have any at home. I subed with green tea. 6 peaches, 1/3 cup maple syrup, 1 cup water, 10 thymes. High heat to boil and lower the temperature to simmer for 20 mins. Let it cool down, sieve. I used the fruit meat to make a blueberry smoothie today. It’s sitting in our fridge now for upcoming smoothies.

4 bags of green tea/white tea. Pour in boiling water. Squeeze 3 lemon for juice when the tea is cool down.

Serve with ice, peach, and thyme. Also, a good mood~

Oh, it’s CAT!

Hi, food lovers! This site hasn’t been updated for a hot while.

Basically I’ve been busy with baking, washing dishes, washing dishes, washing dishes… I know, I’m cursed without dishwasher. Also, we are in the transition of life, a lot of tools are missed in the kitchen. But, None of these matters when you are dedicated and interested enough to food.

I love cat. Unfortunately, the apartments we’ve lived in never allow pets. Life put me in nowhere but in making cat accessary.

These cuties were first published by my favourite YouTube Channel CookingTree. I followed a fair amount of recipes from her. I tried the cat cookie one for 3 times. To be honest with you guys, the first attemption was a totally disaster…

The dough was too soft to stand by itself in the freezer. The face was not evenly round. The worst outcome was of course the icing. You can see from my picture, the eye white was very liquid.

I used toothpick to draw the beard at the second time and mixed the egg white longer, less black food coloring, which could help increase the moisture.

Haha, my cats have characters, look at the left ones on upper tray!

For the taste, they are very milky and rich due to the almond flour. Ears are chocolaty. I love it!

Cream Towel | Rolled Crepe

We call this thing Towel Roll because of its shape. The trending pastry has won over young people for years, and has various fillings. I made the basic chocolate version even without Oreo, which is considered as a basic flavor nowadays to go with coco, just to practice.

The Crepe

The crepe is the first step. combine butter, egg, sugar, milk, coco powder, cake flour. Mix well put in fridge for 2 hours. Remember to cover the crepe mix with plastic wrap to absorb granules since the crepe needs to be super smooth.

Then choose a non-stick pan, heat up without oil on the lowest. Wait till you see little babbles. Repeat.

Lay 5 wraps together if you wanna one layer, or 3 for 2 layers. Add on whipped cream. Fold and roll. Let it cool in the fridge for 3-4 hours. Sprinkle some coco powder at the end.

Serve and enjoy!

Cherry Chocolate Cake Box

Layer box cake has been trending for over 3 years. The concept is pretty simple- one bite with rich texture generated by mutiple layers. For most box cakes, it contains at least one combo of cake, cream and nuts/fruits. My big plan was to make Janpanese Soybean Milk Cake Box, but I couln’t find soy flour, even after I searched so hard at Trader Joe’s, Shaw’s, Whole Foods and Costco… Anyways, I will make my own soy flour this week, forget about grocery stores!

I recently moved to a new apartment, the oven of which is really a pain in the ass. Becasue it’s old and cheap, the tempreture cannot maintain the setting, but keep going up. Not to mention you need to open the door and the spotlight on your phone to check the temp. However, nothing is easy right? I don’t think good things happen too smoothly. Hehe. With all the optimism, I screwed the cake. Not due to the oven, but the pan I choose.

The cake mix is supposed to be around 0.5 inch thick. The volumn of the cake mix from the recipe does not match the gaint pan I own. Not surprisingly, the edge of the cake layer is as hard as chocolate cookies. I saved the center and cut them into 4 sqaured pieces. I put one layer of cake, one layer of cream mix (whipped cream and cream cheese), chopped cherry, then repeat, but decorate the top layer with half cherry.

It looks good. I’m happy. Next time, I will use a different pan. ;p

Mochi Stuffed Pancakes

I’ve been trying to find new baking recipes to enlighten my quarantine life. Because I’m a visual learner, which means I have hard time reading, I chooese video recipes over text ones.

I found this Mochi Stuffed Pancake on a YouTube Channel, Amanda Tastes and tried it yeasterday. It turned out pretty well actually. At first, mix glutinour rice flour, cassava starch, sugar, milk and butter together. Put in Microwave, 90 seconds for twice. Then throw it in the fridge. But be careful, mochi is super sticky, especially when they are warm.

There are two different fillings — salty one with tuna, cheese and mochi; sweet one with red bean paste. I fried some red bean paste last week for mooncake so skipped this step. It could be uneasy to form the red bean paste into a ball when it’s dehydrated and been chilled in fridge for long, but hey, I nailed it 😛

Let the dough rise for 15 mins then put them on a non-stick pan withtout oil. 5 mins on each side. Add some water to steam after flip one side, cover.

Taste good when hot.

You can even stratch the mochi, kinda cute.

For more details, here are the video. Enjoy~

The Bitterness in Lemon

I only hate lemons when being added sliced into the iced tea. The inevitable bitterness drives me nuts however mere squeezed juice is not the best option for a recipe, sometimes. It appealed in two recipes as essential ingredient in the past week – Hong Kong Lemon Iced Tea and Sour Spicy Chicken Feet. I know, I know, chicken feet right? Sounds not very acceptable. But I love them. I missed this spicy snack that I grew up with. While I’m stuck in the city during the pandemic, I decided to write down my cooking journey and try some interesting recipes.

Lemon, is the first difficulty that I encountered.

So we all know that the bitterness is from the peel, pith and seeds. My favorite Korean baking YouTuber usually rub lemon peel with salt before she uses it. It seems unrealistic to rub it every time not to mention cut the pith since I’m a careless impatient cook.

Hence, I decided to roll with it and pick them out after a few hours. And I did.

It turned out the lemon iced tea is still bitter. Maybe they still stayed too long in the water along with tea and apple. We all learn from doing so I will keep updated.