Oh, it’s CAT!

Hi, food lovers! This site hasn’t been updated for a hot while. Basically I’ve been busy with baking, washing dishes, washing dishes, washing dishes… I know, I’m cursed without dishwasher. Also, we are in the transition of life, a lot of tools are missed in the kitchen. But, None of these matters when you areContinue reading “Oh, it’s CAT!”

Cream Towel | Rolled Crepe

We call this thing Towel Roll because of its shape. The trending pastry has won over young people for years, and has various fillings. I made the basic chocolate version even without Oreo, which is considered as a basic flavor nowadays to go with coco, just to practice. The Crepe The crepe is the firstContinue reading “Cream Towel | Rolled Crepe”

Cherry Chocolate Cake Box

Layer box cake has been trending for over 3 years. The concept is pretty simple- one bite with rich texture generated by mutiple layers. For most box cakes, it contains at least one combo of cake, cream and nuts/fruits. My big plan was to make Janpanese Soybean Milk Cake Box, but I couln’t find soyContinue reading “Cherry Chocolate Cake Box”

Mochi Stuffed Pancakes

I’ve been trying to find new baking recipes to enlighten my quarantine life. Because I’m a visual learner, which means I have hard time reading, I chooese video recipes over text ones. I found this Mochi Stuffed Pancake on a YouTube Channel, Amanda Tastes and tried it yeasterday. It turned out pretty well actually. AtContinue reading “Mochi Stuffed Pancakes”